6 New Year’s Strategies for a Smarter Startup

The start of a new year always calls for a fresh perspective and new goals. Some might call them resolutions. We call them strategies. So whether you want to shake up how you approach marketing, streamline your operations, develop new projects or improve your income stream, these are our six New Year’s strategies for a smarter startup.


#1. Think small

“Think big” is a common phrase when it comes to startups, but when it comes to marketing, “think small” can go a long way. A micro-targeting strategy is an effective way to focus your marketing efforts on reaching highly targeted consumers, and ultimately save – and make – you money. Social media and SEO are some of the most cost-effective ways to drive brand awareness, so take time to really understand your consumers and spend where your audience digests content.

#2. Make your workplace work for you

Your work environment can heavily influence your productivity, energy, motivation and inspiration. Whether you work at home, in a co-sharing space, in your own office, or at local libraries and cafes, it’s important is to find and create a space that is conducive to how you like to work. Experiment with what works best for you and make it part of your daily routine – being a creature of habit can be good for business.

#3. Tool up

A new year is good time to assess and optimise your business tools. What platforms, apps and software do you use on a regular basis and which ones sit idle? Is there one tool that could replace multiple smaller tools? Take time to analyse your current practices and processes and consider how they could be improve. Do some research online or ask friends and colleagues – or us ([email protected]) – for recommendations.

#4. Network it

Connections are important when it comes to startups. Tapping into your local and online network can help you find your audience, service providers and collaborators and no doubt help you keep your finger on the pulse. Make it part of your weekly routine to attend industry events, contribute to content platforms, reach out to relevant people, because you never know who you might meet and/or how they could help your startup – or how you could help theirs.

#5. Value your team

Startups take dedication, commitment and hard work, and it’s often not just yours, but also any employees you choose to take on. Good workers are hard to come by so appreciate your team and make sure they know it with extra days off, reassuring talks, or Friday lunches. Everyone likes to feel valued.

#6. Practice protection

Hacking and cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day, right comrades? So it’s crucial that you protect your business and data with strong security practices, such as virus protection and firewalls. A few extra locks and bolts will also never hurt so consider installing multi-factor authentication to reduce the chances of your accounts being comprised.


For any further information about our New Year’s strategies, talk to the team at Parallel VC / Desk Space or ask us for any other advice or recommendations we can offer.

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