We love to see our members start new businesses and are excited to have Desk Space alumni Nick Benson and Nick Hudson return for their newest venture, E xD. We spoke to Nick Benson about E xD – what it is, what they do and what they want to achieve.


When did you establish E xD?

We officially founded E xD 12 months ago although I was testing the concept for around 12 months before that.

Who are the members of the team and what are your work backgrounds?

My name is Nick Benson and my background is a bit of a weird one. I started my professional life as an artist. I became the creative director of design firm Yates+Partners, overhauling big luxury brands, products and experiences. I started my own firm called DREAM, creating tech products and fun things (we were actually in Deck Space years ago). I then had a crack at an AR concept and we got pretty close to creating an amazing product… before a conflagration. I had a men’s skincare brand called Gentleman’s Brand, and now E xD. Ask me about brand, sustainability and how creativity is the great differentiator.

We have Nick Hudson, a familiar face to Desk Space members, I’m sure. He was APAC director at Yieldify (long-time alum of Desk Space). He’s an eCommerce expert who knows his way around managing teams and hitting numbers, always following the ABCs: Always Be Closing. Ask him about eComm, sales process and fantasy NRL.

We also have Gabby. Gabby is a genius. She is our first team member. She has a legal background, having graduated law from University of Edinburgh. Now she is learning as much about our space as quickly as possible. Ask her about Heidegger, anti-trust and how to find the world’s makers of things.

How did you come together to start E xD?

I started E xD. Gabby and I are friends and she wanted to help, which she did in an incredible way. Nick and I are also friends and he was ready to try something new. We decided E xD would be a good place for him to flex and he came on as a co-founder.

What does E xD do?

We have set out to create the most beautiful products in the world and scale their production. We do this by nailing the branding (we have full-stack design in-house from graphic to UI/UX to product and industrial), developing the best formulations out there and creating beautiful packaging. Once that one product is prototyped, we solve the scale problem. We are the only operation in the country that can scale from 1000 to 1 million units.

What problem is E xD solving?

ExD came from an observation. Direct-to-consumer is growing because the fulfilment side of the value chain is a neat tech stack that integrates easily and scales inexpensively, however no one was looking at the supply side. We believed it was for one simple reason. Bits (tech) is easy; atoms (real things) are harder.

The production side of consumer product is hyper-fragmented. We had created beautifully scalable supply chains in the beauty, health and wellness space, from inexpensive prototyping through to sampling, production and scalable manufacturing. We decided to open that up instead of closing it off and keeping it to ourselves.

How do you work with clients to achieve this?

We work in flexible ways. Each product that someone wants to create has a different set of manufacturing requirements, a different set of regulatory requirements and different priorities. We embrace the uncertainty. We love solving problems in unique ways with the platform we’ve created. We haven’t found a creative or manufacturing problem yet.

What is your vision for E xD?

We wanna create dope shit that impacts people’s lives. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Our vision is to become the innovation engine for the beauty, health and wellness industry by bringing tech and tech-growth principles to a technically stunted industry. We love bringing a uniqueness and weirdness to what we do. We think being different and a little odd will help us win.

Anything else you would like to add?

Come say hi. We love exploring ideas, talking about the future and shooting the shit in general.