The process of looking for a job or recruiting a new employee can be a time-consuming, stressful and costly process. “The recruitment process hasn’t evolved with time and it doesn’t reflect where we are at in the digital era,” says Desk Space member Josh Snow. “Recruiters layer on more systems and processes and hoops for people to jump through, versus looking at the fundamentals of how it works.” Frustrated by the process, Josh founded nextmile in 2019 to make recruitment easier and more transparent, reducing the stress, cost and time of finding a job or a candidate.

nextmile’s digital platform streamlines the process for companies and talent. Employers create their ad, talent create their profile, and nextmile’s algorithm match employers and talent based on specific criteria. An email is sent to only suitable prospective candidates, so that employers and job-searchers have a greater chance of securing the right talent or job. “Having the candidate profile ready to go means it’s almost one-click process, rather than endless hoops,” says Josh.

Individuals can also download a formatted CV to use for other platforms, and companies are guided through writing a job description that they can also use elsewhere. “We want to provide as much value as we can to help people navigate the industry,” Josh explains.

nextmile launched in March 2020, just as Covid-19 hit. It has consequently been operating in an unpredictable market. Industries such as technology and construction have been booming, while hospitality and events have fizzled. “It’s anyone’s guess how the job market is going to perform in the longer term. I take a cautious but optimistic view. In 6 to 12 months I think things will continue to be tight, but we will see them recover,” says Josh.

There are certainly opportunities for companies and individuals, especially if they are flexible in what they are looking for. Job-searchers can take the time to reskill or consider how to leverage their current skills, and employers should keep an open mind for transferrable skills. “Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise and can bring in a fresh perspective,” Josh says.

He advises talent to put themselves in the best possible position to secure a job: “Determine what you want, how flexible you can be, and keep all job profiles, resumes and portfolios up to date so you’re ready to apply straight away.” Companies are being flooded with applications and withdrawing ads quickly, so job-hunters have to act fast due to competition and overwhelm. Josh says the lead up to Christmas is also a great time to reactivate networks: “It’s a hidden job market that never gets advertised, so reach out and get up to date with everyone.”

nextmile joined Desk Space in May 2020, and have since placed a social media person with HealthBank and worked with nVision Talent to find candidates for very niche roles.

If you’re looking for a job or a candidate, check out nextmile to make the process quicker, easier and stress-free.