As a coworking space, we are committed to supporting our network of members. But we also know that we part of a larger network of people, values and organisations, and continue to introduce a range of social responsibility initiatives to better support society, the environment and local businesses and organisations.

We encourage and facilitate our members to recycle wherever possible with Method recycling bins in every kitchen. These are clearly labelled for members to dispose of their rubbish in the relevant bin, helping to divert waste from landfill and oceans.

We order Thankyou soap refills so that we can re-use soap bottles instead of throwing them out. Based in Melbourne, Thankyou is also a social enterprise that donates profits to help end global poverty.

Concerned about the waste associated with Nespresso coffee pods, we made the change to Melbourne company Pod & Parcel, which uses biodegradable and compostable pods, while still offering café-quality coffee.

We collect batteries from members and personally drop them at City of Sydney battery recycling centres so that they don’t end up in landfill where they can contaminate soil and water. We are currently sourcing receptacles to formalise this process.

We also collect laptops, tablets and smartphones from members as they upgrade their technology. Our Operations Manager, Sophia, delivers them to Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown where they are given to refugees to help them study, look for work, contact family overseas and deal with government agencies and organisations.

Our snack bars are stocked with healthy food options and less-processed snacks (as well as old-school favourites to satisfy all our members’ cravings). We also provide healthy food during social events to meet all dietary preferences.

We have a touch football team – Desk Space Dingos – for those who want some activity and friendly competition one lunchtime per week.

Looking out for the environment, society and our members is a priority for Desk Space. We have lots more initiatives that we will be implementing in the future as we seek out the best suppliers and technology. This includes:

  • Supplying tote bags for members to use at the local supermarket
  • Stocking sustainable toilet paper and paper towels
  • Implementing PaperCut pin codes to reduce paper and printing waste
  • Installing extra bike racks in the car park to provide additional storage space for our members to bike to work

We are always on the hunt for new ways to be more socially responsible and welcome all new ideas! We #makeittogether