Supply, Demand, and a New Brand

Desk Space provides start-ups with an environment that values creative problem solving, open communication channels and a flat hierarchy. So it’s no wonder there’s been an influx of business leaders finding it so valuable, especially when surrounded by a network they have come to know after years of working in the space. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 80% of the companies in Desk Space were urged to move any non-essential  work to home offices. But not the team at E-XD. Sitting down with co-founders Nick Hudson and Nick Benson of the product studio, they explain what their journey has been

Creative Facilitation at Desk Space

Supporting an avant-garde creative process and embracing unorthodox and experimental thinking is what works at Desk Space. Exploring and generating new concepts and ideas is the result of a strong and unique creative process. To think and work with creativity at your side makes common issues obsolete, and those tough business problems easier to face by applying lateral thinking. Courage, practice, and the right facilitation can result in unprecedented innovation - that’s how Claudio Mantovani and Benedetta Nissotti came to create their multi-disciplinary design consultancy, Form—A Studio, and find it’s home here at Desk Space. The two Italian born

Desk Space Top Tips for Working from Home

It’s unprecedented, but it’s the new reality. With COVID-19 causing mass lockdowns of cities across the globe, home and work routines have upended and washing your hands while humming Happy Birthday (twice) is the new norm. During these uncertain times it’s hard to remain focused and productive in your role, not to mention on your business.The team at Desk Space are here to run you through our top tips on how to stay motivated and connected during the coronavirus pandemic. Stick to a Schedule Working from home full time, or in the office a few days a week, can

Successful expansion into Sydney for Tori Allen Events

Tori Allen Events, the Melbourne-based event planning and management agency, has expanded their operations and are now a member of the community at Desk Space. After relocating the team to a new office space in Hawthorn East, Tori Allen’s plans to set up shop in Sydney soon followed.  Founded in 2013, Tori Allen started her company from humble beginnings, focusing primarily on floral design for private and corporate events. Now an established full-service creative studio, Tori Allen Events delivers a tailored approach to budget and location that fits a plethora of occasions, from large-scale corporate dinners to impactful activations,

Hang With a Star, one of many partnerships that began here at Desk Space

Starting a successful new business is tricky. You need a strong vision, purpose-driven tenacity, and it also helps when you have a like-minded business partner. When Joe met Pete, it was at one of Desk Space’s monthly member drinks events - an opportunity for the entire building of 50+ companies to get together and talk everything start-ups and living life. ‘It wasn’t long until we both requested we sit next to each other in order to speed up the development process of this new business, Hang With a Star.’ Pete Derbyshire, Director at Webthinking, has watched his web design

Desk Space alum return with their new start-up, E xD

We love to see our members start new businesses and are excited to have Desk Space alumni Nick Benson and Nick Hudson return for their newest venture, E xD. We spoke to Nick Benson about E xD – what it is, what they do and what they want to achieve.   When did you establish E xD? We officially founded E xD 12 months ago although I was testing the concept for around 12 months before that. Who are the members of the team and what are your work backgrounds? My name is Nick Benson and my background is

Learn More About Desk Space’s Social Responsibility Initiatives

As a coworking space, we are committed to supporting our network of members. But we also know that we part of a larger network of people, values and organisations, and continue to introduce a range of social responsibility initiatives to better support society, the environment and local businesses and organisations. We encourage and facilitate our members to recycle wherever possible with Method recycling bins in every kitchen. These are clearly labelled for members to dispose of their rubbish in the relevant bin, helping to divert waste from landfill and oceans. We order Thankyou soap refills so that we can re-use soap

Tune in and tune up: Podcasts for business and interest

If podcasts are your jam, here’s some popular podcasts that Desk Space members and other entrepreneurs are tuning into. Small Business Big Marketing Tim Reid hosts this podcast offering clever and effective marketing ideas and tips to help grow your business. Reid brings in business owners and marketing executives to talk about anything and everything small business, from how to create a viral video, to how to scale a business. “Great host, fantastic guests and really insightful.” – Joe Hughes, N O W! Communications How I Built This From NPR, Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of

What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to business.

Did you know PayPal was founded as Confinity? And eBay was first known as AuctionWeb? Finding a business name is part of establishing a brand identity. It can help set customer expectations, indicate the type of business, convey brand values and affect ROI. In fact, research shows that strong catchy names perform up to 33 per cent better on the stock market than weak names. A name can help a business stand out from competitors and draw customers’ attention, and it can encourage customers to feel a connection through emotion, curiosity or appeal. A name that is easy to

Maxwell Forest is charging ahead on the wireless tracker and recharge market

We want technology that makes our lives easier in this increasingly connected world. We also want technology that’s seamlessly integrated into our lives. So, while we live with and use more technology, it’s becoming less visible in the interests of becoming more functional. Maxwell Forest is a technology business designing products that achieve this goal. “The best technology is that which is totally inconspicuous,” says Phil Webster, head of operations at Maxwell Forest. The company sells the first super-slim credit-card-sized Bluetooth tracker; the first leather-fob Bluetooth key finder; and soon the first leather-fob Bluetooth key finder and wireless recharger.