Tori Allen Events, the Melbourne-based event planning and management agency, has expanded their operations and are now a member of the community at Desk Space. After relocating the team to a new office space in Hawthorn East, Tori Allen’s plans to set up shop in Sydney soon followed. 

Founded in 2013, Tori Allen started her company from humble beginnings, focusing primarily on floral design for private and corporate events. Now an established full-service creative studio, Tori Allen Events delivers a tailored approach to budget and location that fits a plethora of occasions, from large-scale corporate dinners to impactful activations, with clients in Melbourne including Tennis Australia, oOh!Media, Westfield, Victorian Racing Carnival and P&O Cruises. Desk Space sat down with Stacey Stageman, senior creative designer at Tori Allen Events, to discover how working at Desk Space serves the needs of the expanding Melbourne-based agency. 

The open-plan environment of a coworking space was the biggest draw for the Tori Allen Events’ team when searching for a space to conduct and grow the business. After 18 months based in the Melbourne office, Stacey made the move to Sydney to lead the expansion. “I considered working from home or renting a small private office, but I would have felt very isolated. I vibe off other people’s energy, so sitting in an open-plan space works for me,” says Stacey.  Her responsibilities are primarily design development and event planning, as well as brand direction, social media content and administrative duties. Her role at Tori Allen Events requires her to be involved in every step of the event process, from concept to activation. 

Building connections and relationships can prove difficult when establishing a presence in a new market. Desk Space currently hosts 160 members from a range of fields working side-by-side. This creates great potential for meaningful networking and sharing of ideas, resources, skills and intel. “The people in Desk Space make it special. Everyone is friendly and easy to talk to. I sit next to Libby Britten from Keep Left, a public relations and content marketing firm. She is in the same industry, so we can relate to each other’s work and bounce ideas off one another. I always look forward to collaborating with the people around me. It’s a daily highlight,” Stacey says. Both Stacey and Libby find solace in knowing they can rely on each other’s advice and for sources of inspiration and reference when it comes to planning events and communicating with clients.

Stacey started working at Desk Space in May 2019 and it has provided her with a solid foundation for establishing Tori Allen Events in Sydney. There is flexibility to accommodate new members as the team grows, and the opportunity for Tori to hot desk whenever she’s in Sydney for work. Across Melbourne and Sydney, Tori and Stacey, and eight other team members, manage contractors, designers, florists and event managers. \

Desk Space hosts a wide range of companies like Tori Allen Events that are utilising the Sydney location to expand their business and reach a wider market. These include property managers Airsorted, digital marketing agency Bird Brain, and most recently the UK-based B2B service Perkbox. Stacey has seen the move to Sydney being the highlight of 2019 for the company: “The hype around Sydney for Tori Allen Events is growing and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I really do enjoy seeing an event come together. It’s the most rewarding part for me.”