Heading into the office should feel like arriving at an oasis of productivity, and it can be exactly that. Remaining positive and productive has never been more paramount.

At Desk Space, member wellbeing is facilitated with a high quality office design to alleviate stressors and allow focused work. Distractions are quashed by simplicity of environment, with a team of office staff at the ready to instill comfort and calm into the space. Recently, those who work from an office have felt anxious to return. Our members seek a consistent and clear message on health and safety – fostering an environment that empowers members to work and collaborate without boundaries to wellbeing. Desk Space offers opportunities to recharge and regroup, led by an open, honest and flexible support team.

In 2019, Desk Space reconfigured a meeting room into a quiet library space. After sending out a poll, member responses clearly showed the value of quiet, private space. Creating an inviting yet focused environment is achieved throughout the building by playing lo-fi music (low fidelity: simple easy tracks with limited frequency response, acting as ambient noise) which members feel is less distracting than popular music, or an empty office soundscape.

As the space has grown over the past 10 years, additions like ergonomic seating, newly renovated showers with towel service, and providing members with desktop stands and standing desks when needed has greatly improved the Desk Space experience. Members and guests consider the amount of natural light to be refreshing and attractive to their teams, plus the scattering of beautifully maintained plants, like Mother-in-Laws Tongue, Devil’s Ivy and larger than life Ficus all around the building. A new addition to the kitchens is filtered and chilled sparkling water, as well as a locked and secure underground garage for parking push bikes. As for the surroundings, Desk Space is situated in walking distance for half a dozen gyms, fitness centres, parks and a public swimming pool.

To value personal wellbeing and mental health, especially during the current pandemic, is imperative to progress. Touching base with other members and keeping socially open can be as simple as attending a weekly Tea Time meet-up hosted by the Desk Space team or perhaps a Lunch and Learn to appreciate and celebrate member successes, or even a member hosted bi-monthly yoga session. Desk Space continues to welcome new companies into the community with an open, honest and flexible approach to facilitating business and focusing on the positive.