5 Ways to Keep Your Customers and Clients Coming Back

Love thy neighbour? How about love thy customer?

Repeat customers are an essential ingredient of most successful businesses and taking the time and effort to cultivate customer relationships will invariably keep them coming back. However, valued customer relationships are about more than just generating satisfaction; they’re about evoking a (positive) feeling, fulfilling a need and creating reasons for attachment. Here’s how to keep your customers and clients coming back.

#1. Know their value

How much do your customers spend on average with your business? How much do you invoice your clients per month? Which ones are generating the most income for your business and why? These answers will help you determine your most valuable clients and a) how to keep them and b) how to get more like them. On the flip side, determining your least valuable clients can also help you understand why you don’t get their repeat business and how to better focus your efforts.

It’s also important to remember that customer and client value shouldn’t only be measured in revenue. Your individual customers and clients may contribute other worth to your business, such as referrals and recognition, so get to know them well.

#2. Communicate

Reach out to your customers and clients on a regular basis with an effective communication plan and routine. It may include:

  • Collecting customer details such as email address and phone number
  • Sending thank-you notes to new clients
  • Emailing offers and promotions on a monthly basis
  • Sending hand-written cards
  • Inviting your clients to lunch

Taking the time and making the effort to communicate with clients and customers shows you value them and goes a long way to winning their repeat business.

#3. Take advantage of technology

Use technology to help you communicate with your customers and clients. There are multiple tools available for managing customer lists, communication calendars, social media posts and direct emails. Do your research online, ask your peers or talk to us for recommendations and advice on the right tools for your business.

#4. Ask your customers what they want

If your customers and clients are already coming to you for one particular product or service, they might come to you for another related product or service. Ask your customers directly what they would like to see you offer. It could be a cost-efficient way to expand your business or introduce complementary offerings without having to invest a lot of additional time and resources – especially if you already have a customer base interested and ready to go.

#5. Be exceptional

Set yourself apart, whether it’s through service, quality, price, convenience, marketing or a combination of them all. Being exceptional is the best way to encourage customer loyalty, and loyal customers are your best advocates, championing you and your brand to other potential customers.

For any further information about how to keep your customers and clients coming back, talk to the team at Parallel VC / Desk Space or ask us for any other advice or recommendations.

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