Make It Together

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes. We believe establishing alliances between complementary businesses fosters expansion and longevity. Here at Desk Space we strive for this, and everyday we see new connections, partnerships and collaborations being formed among members.

Building Success: How Co-Working Spaces Helped Build an Aussie Tech Startup

Discover the inspiring journey of an Australian tech startup and how the co-working environment played a pivotal role in their success. The article explores the benefits of collaborative workspaces, fostering innovation, and creating a supportive community for professionals. Learn how co-working spaces contribute to the growth and development of creative minds and tech entrepreneurs. Read more about the transformative power of shared workspaces in nurturing thriving businesses.

The Synergy of Co-Working: Partnerships in a Tech-Led Creative Agency

Explore the dynamic world of co-working through the lens of a tech-led creative agency, Woolly Mammoth. This article delves into the unique partnerships that have flourished within the co-working space, showcasing the collaborative spirit that drives innovation. Learn how shared workspaces can foster connections, leading to successful collaborations between diverse professionals. Discover the transformative impact of co-working on the growth and evolution of tech-driven creative agencies. Uncover the inspiring stories of partnerships that have thrived in the vibrant co-working environment.

Building Connections: Skincare and Tech Startup Founder's Co-Working Journey

Embark on the journey of a skincare and tech startup founder who shares insights into building meaningful connections through co-working. This article explores the personal experiences of a driven entrepreneur navigating the co-working landscape, emphasizing the importance of building networks. Gain valuable perspectives on how co-working spaces serve as catalysts for collaboration, allowing founders to forge connections beyond self-propelled ventures. Dive into the narrative of a startup founder leveraging the power of shared workspaces to establish a network that extends the boundaries of traditional business realms.

Hot-Desking Sparks Innovation: The Launch of Harlan, a Sustainable Aussie Swimwear Label

Discover the success story behind Harlan, a sustainable Aussie swimwear label, and how hot-desking and community connections played a pivotal role in its launch. This article sheds light on the intersection of innovation and sustainability within the co-working environment, highlighting the impact of flexible workspaces on fostering creativity. Dive into the narrative of Harlan's journey, showcasing the transformative power of hot-desking in cultivating a community-driven approach to business. Explore how shared workspaces have contributed to the launch and growth of this eco-conscious swimwear brand.


“Make it Together” underscores everything we do. Our community of multidisciplinary members have knowledge and experiences across all parts of business. Leveraging the power of collective expertise, our members drive internal collaborations and partnerships to develop, support and realise ideas.