Make It Together

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes. We believe establishing alliances between complementary businesses fosters expansion and longevity. Here at Desk Space we strive for this, and everyday we see new connections, partnerships and collaborations being formed among members.

Particular Audience

James Taylor founded Particular Audience in late 2017. The B2B software as a service company uses AI technology to personalise and customise retailers’ products for an improved customer experience. “As the web grows, with more products and users, we filter out the noise and show people what’s relevant to them,” James says.



Healthcare has traditionally been a face-to-face service, but telehealth alternative HealthBank is providing an online platform that’s beneficial to both patients and practitioners. HealthBank has already been coined a disruptor in the health industry and recognised by Westpac as a Business of Tomorrow. We spoke to Desk Space member Robbie Clark about the development of the tele-health venture. 


Woolly Mammoth gives Equitise a new face

Equitise is a trusted investment platform that raises capital for extraordinary companies and startups through investors looking to back innovative founders.

Woolly Mammoth


Woolly Mammoth is a design-led technology company specialising in UX and UI for web and application development. As Desk Space is a hybrid between a coworking space and start-up incubator, it has proven to be the ideal office for Woolly Mammoth, which enjoys working with other start-ups to advance their technological platforms and development teams.


“Make it Together” underscores everything we do. Our community of multidisciplinary members have knowledge and experiences across all parts of business. Leveraging the power of collective expertise, our members drive internal collaborations and partnerships to develop, support and realise ideas.