Woolly Mammoth is working with Desk Space start-ups to #makeittogether

“There’s an infectious energy in Desk Space where everyone is really pushing hard to achieve something,” says Sam Logan, founder of Woolly Mammoth. “Every client we work with in here inspires us in different ways.”

Woolly Mammoth is a design-led technology company specialising in UX and UI for web and application development. As Desk Space is a hybrid between a coworking space and start-up incubator, it has proven to be the ideal office for Woolly Mammoth, which enjoys working with other start-ups to advance their technological platforms and development teams.

“Start-ups tend to have a greater understanding of technology and are generally hungrier for collaboration and growth,” says Cassie Sloan, Software Engineer

Woolly Mammoth worked with HealthBank to design the website and web application, including the front-end dashboard for practitioners to manage their businesses. As with all websites Woolly Mammoth designs, the focus was on creating a smooth and intuitive experience for practitioners, aiding user engagement and resulting in successful conversions for HealthBank.

The Woolly Mammoth team also redesigned Yordar’s website to reflect the fun and playful branding and improve its overall performance. And in true #makeittogether fashion, the redesign includes photography by Desk Space member The Wedding Architect, and some super-fresh modelling by former Desk Space staff member Todd.

When the Covid-19 crisis hit in mid-March, Woolly Mammoth jumped on board with E xD to help get its new Rescue Brand up and running. With the pressure on to launch quickly, Woolly Mammoth built the website within two days, and developed a Covid-19 case tracker by the end of the week. “It was a fun project and really cool to see how E xD shifted its existing brand and product to tackle a large issue,” says Sam.

This success is due to the synergy of the Woolly Mammoth and Rescue Brand teams and their alignment in approach. “Desk Space has very entrepreneurial and high-calibre people who align closely with how we do things. That is, getting something to market as soon as possible and validating it based on user engagement, before adding more complex features that people may not use,” says Sam.

Woolly Mammoth not only works with Desk Space start-ups to build their websites, but also to build their web development teams. Drawing on their industry connections, Sam and Cassie recruit developers for Equitise’s internal team. They hired graduates from Coder Academy, which is where Cassie also trained, as did members of the HealthBank team. Just another way that Desk Space members #makeittogether.

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